Nuova versione WSJT-X 2.6.0-rc3

E’ stata rilasciata la nuova versione del software WSJT-X 2.6.0-rc3, questa nuova versione fornisce miglioramenti alla modalità Echo e diverse correzioni di bug delle versioni precedenti.

Nel dettaglio:

– Echo mode now allows audio-frequency corrections rather than CAT-controlled resetting of dial frequency for Doppler corrections, when Doppler shift is less than 750 Hz. Audio-frequency corrections are also used to correct any remaining portion of Doppler shift caused by coarse CAT-controlled frequency setting.

– Echo mode now saves .wav files when “Save all” is selected. When such files are opened in Echo mode, the astronomical parameters at recording time are restored and used for processing the Echo data.

– A missing Leap Second (January 1, 2017) was added to the code that converts UTC to UT1. This detail might matter if you want full accuracy EME Doppler corrections.

– EME Doppler values are now rounded to nearest integer Hz.

– For backward compatibility, “Special Operating Activity” enumerations for Fox and Hound modes are reset to their previous values 6 and 7.

– Allow FST4W transmissions on 30m band. Ensure that correct frequency is reported to WSPRnet for FST4W decodes with Rx Freq spinbox not set to 1500.

– Fix a bug that could truncate WSPR transmissions early.

– Fix a bug that occasionally caused a crash when ‘decoded.txt’ could not be opened.

– Fix a bug that could cause a crash if Astronomical Data window is not active when needed.

– Fix a bug that caused a crash when “Reset Cabrillo Log” is selected with Active Stations window not active.